Shweta Shalini


Passionate Politician Village Transformer CSR & Govt. Policy Expert



Shweta Shalini adhering to the Hindutva philosophy of life has helped Goshalas in instituting professional management processes to ensure that the Goshalas are well managed, the animals well cared for and providing sustainability Goshalas. She is in the committee of World Hindu Economic Forum helping Hindu entrepreneurs scale their business. On a spiritual side, She belonging to traditional Hindu society considers herself fortunate that her family belongs to one of the holiest city namely Ayodhya. River Sarayu runs by the ancient city of Ayodhya and holds significance for Hindus being the birth place of Lord Rama.

Shweta Shalini was instrumental in setting up the Sarayu Aarti along the lines of the Ganga Aarti and is a member of the “Anjaneya Seva Sanstha” which runs the Maha Aarti on the banks of River Sarayu. She also drove the cleaning of the river banks and rejuvenating religious and tourist interest in the place to promote culture and tourism in Ayodhya.

At the personal level, she being a technocrat herself believes in the power of technology to usher in the change and bring the governance to the doorsteps of the masses. Her staunch nationalist progressive stance is aligned with the motto of the party leadership to always keep “Nation First, Party Second, Self Last”. As a karyakarta of the party, as an Entrepreneur, as a mother – this is the selfless philosophy which continues to guide her in all her endeavours.

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