Shweta Shalini


Passionate Politician Village Transformer CSR & Govt. Policy Expert

Youth Engagement and Empowerment

“Youth is more suited to invent than to instruct; fitter to be on the field than in the chair, skilled to change the world than to settle for old world.”

Shweta Shalini believes in the power and talent of today’s youth. No one can drive a change better and faster than the collective effort of the youth. She believes it is time the young use the power of their youth to bring about positive economic and social development. She ensures that she enables a platform for the youth to be heard in the political system. Towards this goal she is an active supporter of Y4D (Youth for Development) and NGO formed by the youth to fulfill the vision of a better society, responsible society. Come and join her and she will put your energy into the betterment of the nation and democracy.

Various youth groups have joined across the nation to volunteer a few hours a day towards the society. If you want volunteer or if you are skilled and want to share your skills with other youth to generate employment, join our Y4D movement and click here

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