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MukhyaMantri Mitra

“A government should ensure that its ministers are role models to youth and not critics of youth.”

The Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, with his impeccable image and respected identity in public has inspired people to join him for a non-corrupt and accountable government. As an offshoot, Shweta Shalini builds a campaign called MukhyaMantri Mitra, a social audit initiative which empowers a common citizen to participate in governance.These citizen volunteers could be any talented individuals including retired government servants, police officials, teachers, CAs, doctors, and those with Social Service background and are required to carry out social audit of the functioning government departments and welfare schemes. This helps them to address the grievances to the Party and also bring in suggestions to improve the functioning of various public entities and offices. Come and join her as a volunteer to make a difference in the arena of governance and change it for the better.

If you are interested in knowing more and becoming a MukhyaMantri Mitra, click here 

Shweta Shalini has built an engagement platform enabled through social media to connect to MukhyaMantri mitras and probable Social Entrepreneurs in Maharashtra.

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