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Passionate Politician Village Transformer CSR & Govt. Policy Expert

Social Impact

 Social Impact

Shweta Shalini has created social impact by engaging with social activist, NGOs’ and other community wide organisations.

She is the founder President of Thane Welfare society. Thane Welfare Society is a set of community Leaders that are devoted to creating inclusive, meaningful change in Thane. These changes range from policy and development challenges to narratives of public interest.

The vision to have a more accountable governance and a governance-model which caters to the vast rural landscape of the country is what inspires her and guides her forward. She believes the nation can’t prosper until the three underperforming segments i.e Woman, Rural population and Youth are able to contribute more. Woman being about 50% population can take the nation to greater heights if empowered by the system. The Rural-Urban divide needs to be bridged in to bring the rural population upclose with the State so that their voice is adequately heard in the corridors of power. Through the VSTF program, she has brought in ground level changes in 1000 villages across Maharashtra.

The Youth and its energy needs to be suitably channelised if the nation is to take advantage of the demographic dividend which the nation presents to itself. She is also the founder member of Youth for Development (Y4D) a platform focused on youth in the country. Y4D Foundation focused its interventions on issues concerning youth and children which brought about significant changes in their lives in terms of education, health, skill, career and sustainable livelihood. Y4D also works on Environment conservation, women empowerment, Food safety and security, . Being an organisation who cares for society, Y4D gets engaged in projects as the situation demands under natural or manmade disasters, like COVID-19 Pandemic, Flood, Drought Relief etc.

She is Chief Evangelist, Founder & Investor at Billenium Divas – an Angel fund focused on Women Entrepreneurs. She mentors women entrepreneurs in raising capital to expand their business and conducts events aimed at improving entrepreneurial skills among women.

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