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Sewa Aur Sanghatan

Sewa Aur Sanghatan


As a BJP Leader, Shweta Shalini has held many organizational positions for the BJP at the National as well as State Level. As a young political leader, she has represented the party in various forums and travelled extensively across the globe. Shweta Shalini as a BJP-Strategist has successfully led the BJP-war room, managed the Social-media campaign and propelled the party to success in many elections with the help of thousands of party workers and Volunteers. She has pushed for major initiatives like the “Mukhyamantri Mitra” wherein select citizens across the State were directly connected to the Office of Chief Minister. The focus was on Social Audit of Government services through these citizens. She is part of the “India Global” which strives to usher in a positive change to India through the global Indian diaspora. She has put forward the proposal to IT secretary on Child Online Protection Privacy Act and Digital laws for kids below 13 years old. She works closely with village committees and Panchayats to help them rebuild and restore religious centres that are important to the community. She is a much sought-after speaker on various forums, debates on political issues, matters concerning government policy and also in her capacity as an Official Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to place the BJP view in public on various aspects of the issues facing the nation.


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