Shweta Shalini


Passionate Politician Village Transformer CSR & Govt. Policy Expert

Sarayu Aarti.

“River Sarayu runs by the ancient city of Ayodhya and holds significance by finding mentions in Vedas”

Shweta Shalini is a member of “Anjaneya Seva Sanstha” that runs the maha aarti on the banks of river Sarayu. She was instrumental in starting supporting the aarti. She also drove the cleaning of the river banks and creating religious and tourist interest in the place to promote culture and tourism in Ayodhya, from where her family belongs.

If you want to contribute to this aarti or become a part of it, we ask you to join the mission with Shweta. If you are a corporate, we strongly encourage you to join hands with us and join our efforts to clean up the banks of the river and create awareness about the importance of maintaining the environment and our water sources.

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