Shweta Shalini


Passionate Politician Village Transformer CSR & Govt. Policy Expert

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs.

“Don’t be a woman who fell. Be the woman who got back up.”

Women are half our population and backward. Discriminating policies holds back 50% of our population from contributing and being a substantial part of the nation. Shweta Shalini has always been a leader in guiding the women from all strata of life to take charge of their lives and progress. She helps women who want to become entrepreneurs in all ways- through ideas and support. This not only helps women to increase revenue in their own homes, but also the society.

If you are a woman who has a technology based start-up, join and contact Shweta for networking. If you are a self-help group from the rural sector or the urban poor, and want to create business or livelihood programs, you can join us for support.

We provide the women with a Platform thorough which they can enable themselves as an entrepreneur and provide them with a foundation to be glorified and connect with other women entrepreneurs. We also do events. But most importantly, we reach out the women entrepreneurs in the rural areas to train them. We are also setting up an e-commerce site for the Self-help groups. So, we are calling out to writers, advisors, those who want to conduct an event in your area, or anyone who wants to register your group to visit


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